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How to Choose an Italian Catering Company in Toronto?

How to Choose an Italian Catering Company in Toronto?

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Italian cuisine is one of the most preferred choices for an event menu. To make your event a success, you must seek out a reputable Italian catering Toronto service. However, with so many catering companies in Toronto to choose from, you might be spoilt for choice. To be sure that you’re making the right decision, keep the following points in mind. You don’t need to be private detective to be able to find good catering company.


The first step in choosing an Italian catering Toronto is planning your budget. Once you determine your spending limit, you can streamline your choices accordingly.

Food Sampling

You can’t possibly eat at a restaurant with blindfolds on. You must see what you are having. Therefore you must ask catering companies for samples. You must test the quality of food before you put your trust in a company.

Be Discerning

When you look into Italian catering services do not fall prey to big, glossy advertisements. Many companies make tall claims of delivering excellent services, and hence charge a fortune. You must be patient and discerning so as to get value for your money.

Customer Reviews

It worthwhile to seek out objective reviews from previous clients. However, it is not as easy as it sounds. A catering website might filter out unfavorable responses. You must look into Italian food forums where people share their experiences and suggestions without any commercial motive.

Expert Reviews

Additionally, there are many food critic websites, which also include catering services in their surveys. Cooking is an art form. As reading expert critique enhances your understanding of the art, it helps to seek out expert reviews on Italian catering in Toronto.

Deal Breakers

You must ask your caterer you are inclined to hire about the source from where she procures her food. You will not want to pay for frozen or canned foods. Also find out if she uses locally grown or organic products.
Find out whether the potential Italian catering Toronto provides furniture, upholstery and decorations. Some catering companies charge extra for set up and clean up. See if you can accommodate this within your budget.

Italian Catering Company in Toronto

There should be one server for every ten guests. Make sure that the catering service you hire follows this rule. Additionally, ensure that the wait staff is prompt and approachable.

It is very important to ensure that the catering staff you hire is flexible and spontaneous. More often than not, events are marked with surprise occurrences like last-minute delays and surprise guests. It may also be a possibility that some guests are allergic to certain ingredients. Some might also be on specific diet plans. The Italian catering Toronto company you hire must be able to deliver their services under any of these situations. In the field of catering, the inability to work under pressure is inarguably a huge red flag.

Good Italian Catering Company in Toronto

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Discuss everything in detail with your potential caterers. If they do not cater to your sampling-requests, you are free to assume that they are not reliable. Also, if they do not attend to your doubts satisfactorily, then move on.

You must compare your choices judiciously. You can’t sort them by only costs or only rating. You have to take both these factors into account in order to sift out the best Italian catering Toronto service.

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