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Italian Food Catering – Tips for Choosing a Caterer

Italian Food Catering Toronto

Whenever you plan to throw a party or celebrate a special occasion, the most important factors that you need to think about are the guest list and the food you plan to serve. Fortunately, in today’s time, for every kind of party that you plan to host, there are a wide variety of caterers available. For instance, there are professional Italian food catering services or even Indian caterers who specialize in cooking and serving authentic Italian or Indian food. Read on to know some other tips on choosing a caterer for your next party.

What kind of food do you plan to serve?
Your choice of caterer will depend a lot on the kind of food you plan to serve. It always helps to plan your menu and choose your appetizers and main course before consulting the various caterers available. If you plan to host a theme party, match the kind of food to the theme of the party accordingly.
However, if you choose to go in for a particular cuisine like Italian food or Chinese food, then all you need to do is find a caterer who specializes in that type of cuisine. Some professional caterers specialize in specific cuisines, for instance, Italian food catering professionals would deal in Italian food, while other general caterers may be equipped to cook and serve a range of foods.

The budget
Caterers quote their fees depending on the quantity of the food and number of guests at a party. The more may be the merrier, but in terms of cost, it may not! When you plan to throw a party, it helps to create a budget before talking to caterers. You can then compare rates by asking 2 – 3 caterers how much they would charge.

The quality of the food
The taste, quality and presentation of the food are important factors to consider at your party. While hiring a caterer, you need to find someone who is known to serve good quality and delicious food.
Look for professional caterers who have years of experience in the field of catering, because this will affect their presentation. Furthermore, reputed caterers will be able to manage the food and drinks section in a very professional manner, helping you make your party more successful.

Hygiene levels
Good food isn’t only about the taste. When you invite guests to your house, you always take the extra effort to make sure that your house is clean and tidy. Similarly, when you plan to host a party, you not only have to arrange for good tasting food but also clean, hygienically cooked food.
Usually, reputed caterers will maintain good hygiene levels. It always helps to check the way your potential caterers cook the food before finally hiring one of them for an event or function.

How authentic is authentic?
If you finally decide to hire a special Italian food catering professional because you want to serve authentic Italian food, find a way to test their food first! For every kind of cuisine you wish to serve, you need to make sure that your potential caterers are cooking the authentic dishes for your guests.

Italian catering for parties

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How to Choose an Italian Catering Company in Toronto?

How to Choose an Italian Catering Company in Toronto?

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Italian cuisine is one of the most preferred choices for an event menu. To make your event a success, you must seek out a reputable Italian catering Toronto service. However, with so many catering companies in Toronto to choose from, you might be spoilt for choice. To be sure that you’re making the right decision, keep the following points in mind. You don’t need to be private detective to be able to find good catering company.


The first step in choosing an Italian catering Toronto is planning your budget. Once you determine your spending limit, you can streamline your choices accordingly.

Food Sampling

You can’t possibly eat at a restaurant with blindfolds on. You must see what you are having. Therefore you must ask catering companies for samples. You must test the quality of food before you put your trust in a company.

Be Discerning

When you look into Italian catering services do not fall prey to big, glossy advertisements. Many companies make tall claims of delivering excellent services, and hence charge a fortune. You must be patient and discerning so as to get value for your money.

Customer Reviews

It worthwhile to seek out objective reviews from previous clients. However, it is not as easy as it sounds. A catering website might filter out unfavorable responses. You must look into Italian food forums where people share their experiences and suggestions without any commercial motive.

Expert Reviews

Additionally, there are many food critic websites, which also include catering services in their surveys. Cooking is an art form. As reading expert critique enhances your understanding of the art, it helps to seek out expert reviews on Italian catering in Toronto.

Deal Breakers

You must ask your caterer you are inclined to hire about the source from where she procures her food. You will not want to pay for frozen or canned foods. Also find out if she uses locally grown or organic products.
Find out whether the potential Italian catering Toronto provides furniture, upholstery and decorations. Some catering companies charge extra for set up and clean up. See if you can accommodate this within your budget.

Italian Catering Company in Toronto

There should be one server for every ten guests. Make sure that the catering service you hire follows this rule. Additionally, ensure that the wait staff is prompt and approachable.

It is very important to ensure that the catering staff you hire is flexible and spontaneous. More often than not, events are marked with surprise occurrences like last-minute delays and surprise guests. It may also be a possibility that some guests are allergic to certain ingredients. Some might also be on specific diet plans. The Italian catering Toronto company you hire must be able to deliver their services under any of these situations. In the field of catering, the inability to work under pressure is inarguably a huge red flag.

Good Italian Catering Company in Toronto

Ill porcellino kitchen video

Discuss everything in detail with your potential caterers. If they do not cater to your sampling-requests, you are free to assume that they are not reliable. Also, if they do not attend to your doubts satisfactorily, then move on.

You must compare your choices judiciously. You can’t sort them by only costs or only rating. You have to take both these factors into account in order to sift out the best Italian catering Toronto service.

Party Food Catering Toronto

Party food catering Toronto

Company Il Porcellino offers you a array of food that’s hot, cold, gourmet, kosher, vegetarian, and much more… and, in the unlikely event we don’t have something – we’ll do our best to get it. You’ll find great quality finger food to suit not only your taste but also your budget.

Party food catering Toronto

If you’re happy to get hands on, then our popular food-only or DIY options are perfect. However, if you’d prefer to sit back and let us take care of everything then the staff catering options are a must (and the most popular with our customers). Our staff arrive on your premises with everything they need. They then serve it fresh and hot to your guests. Afterwards your house or venue will be left spotless as our staff clean up after themselves. No mess… no fuss. Plus, we also offer you a one-stop catering service with glass hire, table hire and linen hire.

Whether it’s your own birthday or a loved one’s, birthday party catering ensures you’re free to enjoy all the fun, games and excitement with the rest of the party goers.

Party food catering Toronto

offers a couple of options. Should you so require, we can prepare all your party food in our kitchens, and you simply come in and pick it up before your function. Alternatively, you can hire our ‘staff service’ and we’ll come to your party, prepare all your finger food fresh onsite, serve your guests and at the end of it all (and unlike some of your guests!), we’ll even clean up after ourselves.

If you’re throwing the party at home then one of our popular menus will be ideal.
To find the perfect birthday catering menu click below:
Party Food Catering Menu

Corporate catering Toronto

Corporate Catering Toronto

services for Mississauga, Toronto, and around the GTA.

Office breakfast, lunch catering services for Mississauga, Toronto GTA.

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A fully licensed and inspected premises is an important part of a food and beverage operation.

Corporate Catering Toronto

Il Porcellino Ltd is fully licensed to operate corporate catering by the City of Mississauga. We are inspected regularly by Health Inspectors of The Region of Peel. (Perfect scores, and all geen passes so far)

We do not operate out of a home kitchen, or rent a kitchen facility to accommodate orders.

We do not rent staff to come in and cook your food. If you taste our food at one event, it will taste the same at the next event, and the next and so on.

Corporate catering Toronto

You can rest assured that your food is handled in a safe and professional manner from the time that raw ingredients arrive at our location. All food items are ordered as raw as can be. Meats like chicken and veal come from local producers just outside Barrie. We trim and portion all our own cuts of meat on premise so we know that what we serve our clients is the very best. Produce comes in almost every day from the market.

You will not find frozen vegetables or processed meat coming out of our kitchen.